Canile Combattente di Bozsok
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Our first contact with the Moscow watchdog began in 1995. We knew this dog species as non-beginner dog-keepers, because we had Pyrenean Sheepdog breed before. A look of Moscow watchdog is enough for anyone to come to like it immediately, yet I warn everybody not to start with this species as a beginner. Who doesn't know this species, there is no need to work with Moscow watchdog definitely. It is not suitable under undecided man's hand. This dog cannot be offered for quick tempered people who cannot carry authority.
Recently, interest in Moscow watchdog has suddenly increased. Primarily it is popular because of its reliability, incredible working ability and maximal acclimatization to weather conditions. In a consequence of its huge build, many think that it is unfriendly. To tell the truth, it is a reliably watch, at the same time, endless calm and quit, therefore afterwards it can become a wonderful member of family. It is endless patient and lenient towards children and kindly submits to any kind of play. It is not self-willed, even watches its owner's thought.
It is usually friendly or unconcerned with strange people, and its moderation entirely lasts until there is danger ahead its loves and home. While its security or authority is not threatened (both are equally important), even it is extremely lenient towards its species mates. Then, as someone picks a quarrel with it, it attacks its enemy immediately and presses it with huge power. But, then it "doesn't loose its temper", and after its victory achieved shortly - without causing or getting more serious injury - quickly calms down. Explanation is simple: although it doesn't provoke, it is clear in its strength, therefore makes effort to dominance. FCI registers Moscow watchdog as unknown species. Despite of this, FCI pedigree paper is made up of it in Hungary.

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